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06:11pm 21/07/2006

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09:05pm 23/03/2004
  Some people get cubicles.

Some people get nice little desks.

Some people even get their own offices with a pretty window nine stories up with a wonderful veiw of the back wall of some other building.

And here I am, without even a chair.

Ah well....

PS: A buddy from work lent me The Retrospective Works of Tomi Ungerer 1960-'80 ... It reminded me of Agnes.

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01:12am 20/08/2003
  Have been utterly chewed out by the masses for self-pity.

Damn you people, won't even let me be depressed in peace. XD

That build your own hell meme. My head nearly exploded when it asked me whether Kant was more or less evil than Prof. Ahvid. It was hard to choose, considering Ahvid just so HAPPENS TO BE THE DEADLY REINCARNATION OF KANT! Aruaraugh!

Damn you, empirical world.
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Yukie, you're starting to rub off on me.   
02:50am 18/08/2003
  Life is... blah.

Thinking back, I guess it always has been. Look at me. I was born, I grew up, I did stuff every kid does. I went to school for virtually all my life and now I'm going into The Real World to be just as successful as every other barcode duplicate triplicate Automatic Man. My memories aren't even my own. My life could be exchanged with the majority of the middle-class world.

I am not gay. I am not black. I am not oppressed. I am not psychologically unbalanced. I'm a perfectly average guy.

So why do I feel so left out? >.<

My father is dead. I don't speak to my mother. I have no siblings and no relatives I've talked to more than twice in my life. I have no girlfriend, no children, no family. I'm old.

I am not a writer. I am not an artist. I write hypotheses and watch things through a microscope. Even if I wanted to, I am not creative nor brave enough to coherently display my feelings. I can't even write the music that's in my head, because it has instruments that don't exist.

I am 25 years old and have nothing to be proud of save 3-odd minutes of shitty piano mishandling and a ruddy piece of fiction.

I'm gonna go watch porn now.

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02:29pm 02/08/2003
  So, on a scale of 1 to 10....


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01:26pm 01/08/2003

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Haha. I'm suck a dork for these ones.   
03:34am 29/07/2003

is a Collosal Robot that Tunnels Underground, and was Summoned from The Deep.

Strength: 10 Agility: 1 Intelligence: 8

To see if your Giant Battle Monster can
defeat Merf, enter your name and choose an attack:

fights Merf using

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02:30pm 26/07/2003

I did my good deed for the year. You should too.

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07:40am 24/07/2003
  おまえ お 殺す, Meggles.

In other news, I have a japanese keyboard and it`s confusing. XD

おれ-さま わ へんたい です !!

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03:43pm 14/07/2003
  Best. Quiz. EVER.

morally deficient
Threat rating: Medium. Your total lack of decent
family values makes you dangerous, but we can
count on some right wing nutter blowing you up
if you become too high profile.

What threat to the Bush administration are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

And, The Infinite Teen Slang Dictionary

V. To behave in a very sexy manner.
"Hey, wanna merf?"

Yukiepants is a vulgar hand gesture, Dar is a lot of alcohol, and DKH is a friend's breasts XD XD.

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02:04am 12/07/2003
  I'd forgotten how easily I put my foot in my mouth around all you internet people. I was given some months of blissful respite, but am now once against spiralling head-first into becomes part of the fangirls brainmeats.

When I ask you for boobs, I want them on women. And I want them on women that aren't me. I don't want them on fat men. I don't want them on green-haired cheerleaders with dodgy thigns in their underpants. I want boobs. Anime boobs. Yay.

Mai is hot.

And the hot person from Get Backers is no longer hot. ¬.¬
Damn you, Onsen. Damn you damn you damn you.

I waffle because I'm bored and very very slightly drunk. Woo.

Greenhouse is doing terrible. I almost feel bad that their paying me to watch their plants die. Last week the poor things were getting waterlogged. Than they were getting beaten. Now they're roasting.

If one more American tourist in a cowboy hat up for stampede asks to buy a tumbleweed, they're going to get a cactus in their eye. Heh. Eyecactus.


Hey, Yukiepants! Sleep with me! =D

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02:42pm 18/06/2003
  Flambé du Merf.
Some people are scary. o.O

And, regarding Get Backers... They're still not gay. Ban is merely crawling over Ginji in his attempt to get to Heaven, who is off-camera and across the room.
No, really.

PS: You all must now call me Dr. Merf. I want to moonlight as a gynecologist.

Edited to add:

Only because it gave me a good colour. XD

Magic Number19
PersonalityThe Glass Is Half-Empty
TemperamentAll Bark, No Bite
SexualIf I Have To
Likely To WinA Nobel Prize
Me - In A WordBeautiful
Brought to you by MemeJack


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04:17am 17/06/2003
  Well, I've graduated. This is scary.

Went electric green for it, though. Went over very well with friends and profs, and not so very well with the skimmers. XD

Have gotten three internship offers starting next February around, though. One at SBS, which isn't really what I wanted to do but actually sounded like the sweetest deal. Plus it's Calgary-based and I'm sick of moving. The other two are in Montreal (medical / hospital work) and Texas (HGP stuff, mostly...) I don't want to be part of the real world yet.

Anime-wise... GetBackers, Wolf's Rain, and Onegai Teacher are very fun (boobs!), though you'll never catch me watching them when anyone else is paying attention. Went to Otafest ages ago and almost left out of embarassment. If it weren't for Dar pimping me off as "her escort" I think I would have been mauled by fangirls and extremely overweight people. I think I missed the memo about anime fans having to either be shorter than 5 feet and/or weigh more than 200lbs.... I'll just be over here getting eaten by the politically correct rats now... rodents of representational legislature, rather.

Still no Merfette to sit on my lap and have sex with me. el sigh.

And Begoggled has dissapeared. This is what happens when I don't pay attention.


And not two seconds after I stick my head back into this seething pit of the internet, ruebert posts a link to this. Completely ruining GetBackers.

They're not gay. They're just two guys who kick ass together. No, they don't even kick ass, they're too straight for that. No asses are involved. Not. Gay. NOT GAY.

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02:37pm 29/01/2003
  I don't have a girlfriend anymore. And we'll leave it at that.

Though I've decided the internet is a generally unhealthy thing. I'd rather be blissfully ignorant, thanks.

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12:49am 06/01/2003
  Helooooooo Norwalk virus.


No class for me tommorrow....

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03:27pm 31/12/2002
  New Year's Resolution:

Be more specific.

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03:58am 27/12/2002
mood: awake

GO! Look! Now!
(But leave the anything board alone. THAT'S NOT ME! XP)

And, randomly, there is a community about me. I don't know whether to preen or hide. o.O

In other news... I love this icon.

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02:22am 26/12/2002
mood: devious
For some uninteresting reason, Jan and I's aim conversation somehow turned to a random rp-ish type thing, where I was trying to cook her.
*isn't sure where it came from either*
But it just happened to spawn on of the best puns ever.

Spatula Queen*: I'm not holy! Hay-zus! You should jump in too!

DirtyMerf: People will remember you for years to come!
DirtyMerf: I can't, I'm only allowed to die for people's sins once every 3000 years.
DirtyMerf: You'll be forever immortalized in the belly of the homeless!

Spatula Queen: I don't want to be shit!
Spatula Queen: :clings onto hand and wails:

DirtyMerf: XD
DirtyMerf: But you won't be just any shit! You'll be the shining golden shit of god!

Spatula Queen: Yee.
Spatula Queen: That's none to appealing, Jesus.

Spatula Queen: (Notice that I have not attempted to bite you yet. I shall have my vengance, boy.)

DirtyMerf: (Perhaps you are just in awe of my divine fingereseses)
DirtyMerf: (holy shit, did that come out wrong. >.<)

*: Nick has been edited-like, to protect her privacy. *is a good little merf*

And she drewed me boobs. *glee*

Oh yeah, christmas! My squash didn't turn out quite like I want it to, but I ate it anyways. And mel got me Blue Movie! (Jenna Jameson's best flick of all time, and the first porno I ever watched. AND extremely hard to fine)
An Autralian Indoor Quidditch ball! (as seen on machall.com) Yaaaaay!

I am WAY too happy for 2.30am...


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11:12am 25/12/2002


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Watching porn on his birthday makes the baby jesus cry. Would someone shut him up, please?   
03:36am 25/12/2002
  Nothing like a big fat blob of insomnia to start the day. =)

I just spent two hours doodling Pegasus getting bagels tossed at his head... I'm glad I didn't send it.

Apparantly, Rhea's friend has the same name as my girlfriend's strap-on. Watch me convulse and die from simultanious laughter and dry heaves when I check the friends' page.

I wonder if I should delete ZCBOR. I haven't updated the thing in months, I haven't talked to the two people I started it with in over a year, and it's never really been the most popular thing in the world. It's one of those things that just sort of sits, lost and alone, in the back broomcloeset of the dreg-level of the internet. But I entertain this hope that some random little kid is going to stumble onto it one say and acheive true enlightenment. My dream is to have a mass suicide for the Holy Spleen. Mmmm, herd-culling.

Hmmm, groceries. I wonder if there will be any place open where I can buy pine nuts. *forgot them* I picked up an acorn squash and some vegitables for my christmas dinner. I hope I can figure out how to cook squash. XD

I bought a tree on my way home from work yesterday. It was $3 at the 7-11, and has grown nicely in these last twelve hours. I am the proud owner of a goo tree that happens to be half the size of my present.

Hey wait, I can open it now! =D

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